Several months ago, I wanted to start this new interview format, highlighting a bunch of wholesome individuals with poignant POVs, using a proper traveling studio. Ideally, I would’ve been traveling to the guests’ labs to record, but thanks to the ‘rona, we had to shelf that format for a minute…

This birthed another show concept in the interim, Self-quare w/ Sam,  where two friends/co-workers try a new activity each day of quarantine in an attempt to manufacture novelty and stay sane, documenting their experiences for others to listen, which has been running strong since April-  all the way back at Ep. 26. We appreciate the love and reception we’ve gotten for this series, but this was by no means intended to replace the Gifted Slackers interviews and I am pleased to say it has not!

The first and second interview episodes are posted (episodes 45 and 46 respectively) in-between our ongoing Self-quare w/ Sam series, which is currently still running. Although we do plan to wrap-up Self-Quare as Seattle moves further along in its reopening phases, you can expect more of both show formats in the feed going forward for the foreseeable future.

Huge shout out and endless love/appreciation for both Robert Johnson and Marcus Isiah, the first two guests on Gifted Slackers Interview Series

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