Despite previous announcements and plans, it is clear that I have taken an abrupt break from The Gifted Slackers podcast.

I had uploaded my interview with Zee Cohen back in September and announced several other episodes with all sorts of interviews to follow, but instead of following through in a timely manner, all I’ve added since then is one normal conversation episode.

So for those of you who’ve been loyal and recurring listeners of my rants, life stories, and garbage conversations with friends- I am sorry. My explanation is long overdue and nuanced, but here is what happened:

Long story short is that I got busy. That’s it, I was just too busy with multiple new gigs and I (regretfully) prioritized The Gifted Slackers below some other work that I had unexpectedly fallen into. What work? In addition to some stuff I did in local politics here and getting involved in the local comedy scene, as mentioned in my interview with Zee, I was working as an editor for TATM News (the side project of Jordan Chariton, formerly of TYT Politics). While I never thought that I’d become too involved with TATM from the beginning, we had begun expanding and more of my time went to helping plan new TATM projects we added to the pipeline. Much of the free time I had in my schedule that previously would’ve been me editing and uploading Gifted Slackers episodes was spent thinking of TATM- we had even planned for me to work on a TATM podcast. Eventually, it was somehow already November and I found myself in New York staying with Jordan and other TATM folk for a “summit”, dealing with the fallout of Zee no longer being part of TATM, poor organization, minor personal health issues, and then a swath of allegations against Jordan as soon as I had returned to Seattle. A combination of these things led me to my decision to depart from TATM and focus my attention back to my own projects, including The Gifted Slackers.

There were a couple of interviews that I had scheduled and even recorded in addition to the one with Zee, but the topical relevancy is now far lost because I frankly just never got around to editing/posting them. I will be reviving The Gifted Slackers podcast with regular episodes of all of the long form conversations and bullshit banter you’re used to listing to (thank you) as well as another interview series, this time with no promises of a timeline because we all know how that worked out last time.

Since I started Disfigured Media LLC and this truly strange, oddball podcast at the beginning of the year, I have grown a lot as a person. 2017, while fucked, has been invaluable for my personal, professional, and emotional growth- which I feel will be quite apparent in future episodes. My slightly updated worldview and sudden addition of priceless life experiences should hopefully translate into a delayed, but significantly higher quality product here for fans of The Gifted Slackers.

It has been quite a year for me with no shortage of rockiness, uncertainty, or stress, but I am coming out the end of it a better person with better priorities and better health, ready to make better content for all you fine listeners out there.

You’ll be hearing from me soon.

Thank you.

-Brandon M

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