Hello again, world!

After 13 episodes and a lot of major changes in my life as well as the lives of our regular podcast contributors, a second season is in store with some much-needed changes. Like any startup, you must begin with a minimum viable product, which so far has given us a modest, but loyal audience to listen to my bullshit for 13 episodes and I thank you.

With that said, you can expect a change to the structure within a couple months in that there actually may be one and the production value will be a non-zero amount.

To everyone who has somehow found my experiment in podcasting with literally zero promotion or advertising, I am amazed you have stuck around and frankly impressed that you found us at all.

Expect new things- good things. Expect actual interviews, nuanced political discussion, and of course, more bullshit life updates and shared cathartic cynicism. This won’t be instant, we will likely have a few more episodes with the usual long-form catchall conversations, but soon a second season will emerge and hopefully help us become the podcast I had envisioned now that I’ve tested the waters and conducted this 13 (and counting) episode long test.

In addition to a restructuring of The Gifted Slackers Podcast will be a few more projects added under my Disfigured Media network over the next year and I hope you find use out of them. More info to come.

Keep it fresh and don’t forget to vote~


-Brandon M

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