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Despite previous announcements and plans, it is clear that I have taken an abrupt break from The Gifted Slackers podcast. I had uploaded my interview with Zee Cohen back in September and announced several other episodes with all sorts of interviews to follow, but instead of following through in a timely manner, all I’ve added since then is one normal conversation episode. So for those of you who’ve been loyal and recurring listeners of my rants, life stories, and garbage conversations with friends- I am sorry. My explanation is long overdue and nuanced, but here is what happened: Long story short is that I got busy. That’s it, I was just too busy with multiple new gigs and I (regretfully)[…]

Hello again, world! After 13 episodes and a lot of major changes in my life as well as the lives of our regular podcast contributors, a second season is in store with some much-needed changes. Like any startup, you must begin with a minimum viable product, which so far has given us a modest, but loyal audience to listen to my bullshit for 13 episodes and I thank you. With that said, you can expect a change to the structure within a couple months in that there actually may be one and the production value will be a non-zero amount. To everyone who has somehow found my experiment in podcasting with literally zero promotion or advertising, I am amazed you[…]

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